Employment Law

The constant evolution of regulations, statutes and case law has created a minefield in the area of employment law. Purcell, Mulcahy & Flanagan's Employment Practice Group advises individual, corporate and small business clients on employment issues from the initial job search through termination of employment.

Employment counseling is available beginning with pre-employment inquiries and advice concerning hiring practices.  Our firm can steer you clear of trouble by guiding and advising on maintaining compliance with the ever-changing state and federal laws governing workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, civil rights and leave of absences or family, medical or disability reasons. We can provide assistance with regard to discrimination by age, sex, national origin, disability, race, creed, sexual orientation or marital status.

Recent expansions of statutory remedies and common law doctrines have increased the litigation exposure to both employers and employees. Our firm handles claims regarding employment contracts, employee handbooks, restrictive covenants, employee benefits, wage disputes and failure to promote.

When a workplace employment issue unfolds, our firm conducts investigations and provides sound advice. When litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys have a strong background in issues involving disciplinary procedures, demotions, retaliatory actions by employers, whistleblower claims and wrongful discharge. We also provide advice in connection with severance agreements.

The following attorneys are members of our Employment practice group: